Apple Cider Ginger Smash Cocktail

Apple Cider Ginger Smash

Ginger Liquor

I served this fall cocktail before Thanksgiving dinner last year and made the ginger liquor and apple syrup for Christmas gifts for friends and it was delicious.  It combines the wonderful fall flavors of apple, cinnamon, ginger and fresh apple cider.  You need to make the ginger liquor and apple simple syrup ahead of time, but they are easy to make.  You make the apple syrup with fresh apples, sugar, water and cinnamon and simmer it for an hour and then store it in a sterilized sealable glass container. The ginger liquor starts out by combining fresh ginger root, a vanilla bean, water, and simmering for 20 minutes and letting it cool.   Grate orange zest and add some brandy to the mixture and steep for one day before straining it out.  After 2 days remove the vanilla bean and strain the mixture through a coffee filter into a sterilized glass container and store in the refrigerator.   To make the cocktail, add ice to the glass along with vodka, some apple syrup, fresh apple cider, and a splash of the ginger liquor and stir well.  Garnish with a fresh apple slice and some candied ginger.  You can also make ahead a pitcher so your guests can serve themselves and just pour it over a glass of ice.  Click here for the recipe….

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