Quick Tip for Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

An easy way to cut a lot of cherry tomatoes at once is to place them on the cutting board and put a plate on top of them.  Hold the plate down with your hand and with your knife, cut them in half.  Done in 2 seconds!

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3 Responses to Quick Tip for Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

  1. Dawn Brown says:

    What a GREAT idea! I’m so going to use that next time. Thanks!

  2. Lynne Andrews says:

    Our mutual friend Cherry O’Brien recommended your Website to me. She knows that I’m a real foodie and love entertaining. In fact only yesterday I cooked for my family (10 of us) and made my own confit duck a la Raymond Blanc and a cassoulet. It was very tasty and not a scrap was left on the plates. I’m always looking for new ideas especially easy puds. I look forward to following you. Lynne x

  3. Jo Stone says:

    My very good friend Dawn Brown, posted on your blog onFacebook. I had to visit and take a look! I love what I see and have now posted your blog to my Pinterest, page to share with others. This time I love being the follower!!!

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