Farro Pilaf

Farro Pilaf

Farro is not a wheat but a plant and a grain similar to spelt mainly grown in Italy.  Farro has a nutty taste with an overtone of oatmeal and barley and is a bit chewy and delicious in soups and salads.   You need to soak farro for 8 hours before you use it, so it was nice to see that Trader Joe’s now carries a 10 minute farro.  They also have a 10 minute barley so it is great to make pilafs with them for a different and healthy side dish.  It actually took more like 20 minutes, but still a lot less cooking time.  I sautéed an onion, red pepper and celery and lightly toasted the farro in olive oil.  Then I added chicken broth and thyme and cooked it for about 20 minutes until the broth had absorbed into the farro.  You could add more broth to make it a little soupy and add Parmesan cheese and make it more like a risotto.  Click here for the recipe….

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  1. Brian says:

    So I had to try your Farro Pilaf recipe. I went to Trader Joe’s. Sure enough…..they had Farro grain (10 minutes version). I completed the formula (made my own stock). Served this under the Fried baked Chicken with a Mango Cranberry Sauce with peas. My daughter, Tina and Guest displayed: “Strong Thumbs Up”
    Thanks, My Budget will include future……Farro.

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