Barbequed Grill Basket Beef and Vegetables

Barbequed Grill Basket Beef and Vegetables – Shish Kebabs without the fuss of skewers!

Our summer refuses to get started.  I found myself barbequing in the rain again… sigh….it’s getting depressing. I used to take the time to skewer beef and veggies on a skewer and barbeque them, but with these great grill baskets, I just marinate all the ingredients in a bowl and then tumble them onto the hot grill basket.  You can do it with any protein (including tofu) and any combination of vegetables you like.  Cut everything the same size so they cook at the same time.  Put the tomatoes on 5 minutes before everything is cooked.  I serve baked potatoes on the side and a great salad to round out the meal. You can find grill baskets for a great price at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.  I also cook lots of different combinations of vegetables for side dishes in the grill basket.  Use any marinade you like or click here for the recipe….

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