Everyday Meal Planning and Inspiration

Everyday Menu Planning and Inspiration

I am really enjoying writing my food blog and a huge thank you to all of you who read it and send me comments.  I really appreciate it and I love hearing from people who have made something they saw on my site.  It inspires me to keep writing!  Then it dawned on me… I have quite a few things I make, but probably like everyone else, there are about 10 things I seem to make all the time.  It made me panic that I am going to run out of food I cook on an everyday basis and I can’t keep posting the same things over and over!  I would be a little more experimental with my cooking but my 94-year old father-in-law lives with us, so I try and keep his meat and potato sensibility in mind when I am deciding what to cook.  I have had him stretch his culinary boundaries a bit and he actually likes some Chinese, Thai and Indian food now which makes me happy.  I think it’s important that making dinner most nights not always be a search for inspiration and something new, but a return to basic comfort food and recipes you know by heart and can put together quickly for a healthy, nutritious, homemade dinner.  I came up with a template for winter and summer that I write some of the dishes my family likes as well as a few new recipes so I can glance at it before I go to the grocery store and plan the meals for a few days and not get stuck in a rut with no idea of what to make.  Hope this helps you as well.  Click here to print out….


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  1. Pat says:

    Sally, What a good idea! I agree with you about having certain old stand-bys that get replayed over decades….but it is fun to add new recipes to them year by year. Joining a CSA and getting unexpected/unfamiliar produce has definitely expanded our horizons and has led me to make more soups and roasted vegetables. Please know that i always like seeing your blog entries and recipes, even if I do not often comment. hearts & flowers to you !

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