Asian Stir Fried Vegetables with Basil

Asian Stir Fried Vegetables with Basil

I needed a side dish the other night to go with some teriyaki chicken I was making and went to the fridge to see what I had on hand.  Mushrooms, asparagus, left over half bag of shredded cabbage, and I always have onion and garlic on hand is what I found.  I sautéed the onion for 4 minutes to get it a little brown and added the sliced mushrooms and garlic and sautéed until they got a little color on them and then added the asparagus and cabbage and cooked for a few minutes before I added soy sauce, fish sauce, and hoisin and cooked it until the asparagus was al dente.  I roughly chopped some fresh basil and quickly tossed it before I put it in a serving dish.  Cilantro or parsley would work if you don’t have basil on hand.   Great quick side dish and got to use some of the veggies in my fridge before I had to throw them away.  Click here for the recipe….

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  1. June James says:

    I don’t usually have such exotic left over veggies but I would be prepared to collect them on my next shopping trip-sounds so easy and delicious.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Well my mushrooms were past due but I had onion, leeks, celery, fennel, broccoli, a bag of kale/brussel sprouts etc… cabbage and parsley. I might have stretched it a bit by using oyster sauce instead of hoisin but all stir fried together and it was delicious. We had it with creamed spinach potato gratin. Very good thanks for the backbones of a great quick use for your veggies recipe!

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