My Favorite Gadgets

Mini food processor – I would be lost without it. I love it for quick mincing of garlic, herbs, making bread crumbs, making mayonnaise and vinaigrettes.

Food processor – I have the extra large one for a more powerful motor, and I like the Cuisinart brand. It is great for pie dough in 30 seconds, scalloped potatoes in a minute, grating carrots and cheese, and pureeing. It came with lots of blades which is handy. 

Standing mixer – I like the Kitchen Aid brand, and I have the large professional one with the bowl that drops down with a very powerful motor so I can make double batches of cookies without straining the motor. It makes cakes and cookies in a minute, and whips eggs and makes smooth mashed potatoes for a crowd. Costco often sells them for a great price.  I like having a stainless steel mixing bowl for longevity that I know won’t break.

Blender –  Buy a good quality blender that can easily crush ice for blended drinks.

Microplane Grater– They are super sharp and I have several different graters from coarse to fine grate.  I grate garlic, citrus zest, ginger, chocolate, lemongrass, and a plethora of other things!

Garlic Press – My favorite one if from Walgreens.  It is very large so you can crush 2-3 garlic cloves at a time, and it can be flipped over to push clean for easier cleaning.

Garlic Peeler – I don’t always use it, but if I have to peel a lot of garlic, I get it out. The plastic tube really does a great job of removing the garlic skin.

Citrus Reamer – I love my wood reamer.  This tool really helps to get the last drop out of a lemon, lime, or orange.  I also have the Mexican style of citrus juicers that have a large scoop that you place the lemon or orange half and squeeze it.  It does a great job.

Plastic Lettuce Knife – Is great to have to cut brownie, bars, or cakes out of my non stick baking pans.

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