Giving Thanks

Ginger Liquor 

Apple Cider Ginger Smash

Stuffing with Sage, Pancetta, and Leeks

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto

and Roasted Parsnips

Sweet Potatoes with Crystallized Ginger and Pecan Streusal Topping

Garlic-Lemon Green Beans with Thyme and Toasted Bread Crumbsthanksgiving-2014-062-copy

 Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie

 I am very grateful my family comes over to my place for Thanksgiving and last year I was so happy my niece Emily designed the table.  She did a great job and I loved the colors and textures she created.  She made simple and pretty napkin rings with some burlap ribbon and tucked stalks of wheat in the napkins with some raffia and spray painted little pumpkins gold and made initial name tags tied with raffia for everyone.  We bought some pretty fabric with a beautiful ornate gold pattern and put some rustic burlap down the center to highlight the beautiful center pumpkin and other gourds.  I love having our families traditional favorites each year and my nephew has been coming over the day before for the last 12 years to prep most of the food with me and my niece has always  made the cranberry sauce and a beautiful pumpkin pie every year.  They both are very accomplished cooks and make a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  When he was little, I made him wear a kevlar glove just in case he cut himself, but he has great knife skills now!  Mom makes our families favorite pecan pie every year to add to the dessert table.  My brother bought a Rec Tec wood pellet grill last year and brought over a delicious and super moist smoked turkey to add to the dinner.  I had to make a stuffed roasted turkey as well so I could make the traditional gravy.  What’s Thanksgiving without homemade gravy!  It’s a real family contribution that adds to the wonderful day of being together.  I have an entire menu, timeline, grocery list, and helpful tips for preparing a Thanksgiving meal so you can be organized and less stressed while creating your own dinner for your family.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Click here for the tips and recipes….

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  1. Pat Stigliani says:

    What a wonderful warm and loving post to read on the day after an acrimonious election. Thank You, Sally!!! The table looks lovely and the food makes my mouth water….. How excellent that the niece and nephew have inherited the culinary talents, and how gratifying to make the dinner preparations a family affair. (Going to visit two daughters in Iowa at Thanksgiving and looking forward to working together in the kitchen.).

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