Construction Themed Birthday Party

The Dollar Store had a lot of the items I used for the party:

  • Green tablecloth
  • Black tablecloth for center “road” runner.  I just unfolded it and put it down the center of the table
  • Square plates – red, yellow or orange
  • Napkins – yellow, red or orange (opposite of plates)
  • White tape for divider lines on the black plastic
  • Orange “cones” – Bought plastic orange cups, drilled holes in the top and put the skewers through it.  I bought pom poms at the Dollar Store and cut them and glued them to the top of the cup.  You could also use curly ribbon to decorate the top of the cups.
  • Red caution cones (lucked out that I found them at the Dollar Store!)
  • Pom Poms for orange cones
  • Banner that I printed and glued the Happy Birthday construction theme

Hard Ware Store:

  • Caution Tape

Graphic for Centerpiece:   Buy it or print it and glue to painted skewers.

Banner and napkin rings

Chocolate Cake  Click here for recipe

3 Responses to Construction Themed Birthday Party

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  2. Maya says:

    This is such a great party set up! Love your attention to detail. 🙂

  3. Jenni Biemold says:

    Will take the leftover paper construction theme decorations

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