Time Line

Christmas Holiday Time Line – Click here to print

To save on clean up and refrigerator space, I place most things I prep (that don’t go directly into baking dish) in sandwich or Ziploc bags to make clean up easier.

2 Weeks Ahead

Order roast or check local paper for prices at various grocery stores in your town

Wash and iron tablecloths and napkins

1 Week Ahead

Organize equipment and serving dishes

Clean any silver you are using

Buy candles

Organize table decorations

Order flowers if needed

2 Days Ahead

Shop for groceries

Day Before Christmas

Prep Brussels sprouts

Rim champagne glasses with sugar

Salt and pepper beef and refrigerate

Make scallops and mango wraps

Thaw demi-glace (if using)

Make napkins

Decorate and set table

Make Horseradish sauce

Christmas Morning

Remove beef from refrigerator 3 hours before roasting

Make herb and garlic mixture for beef and spread it on roast

Prep parsnips

Put roast in oven

Peel and blanche potatoes

Make Yorkshire pudding batter

Set cranberry juice, champagne and sparkling cider out

Set buffet table up

Put dessert and cookies on serving trays and set aside

1 Hour Before Dinner

Remove beef from oven and place on carving board.  Tent with foil and allow to rest.

Remove most of oil from pan and set oil aside.  Place roasting pan on burner and make gravy.  Keep warm over low heat.

30 minutes before serving, put roast potatoes, parsnips and Brussels sprouts in oven.

Place roasted vegetables in serving bowls

Put horseradish sauce out

Put gravy in gravy boat

Carve meat and place on serving platter



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